Decorative plasters

March 21, 2017

The product range of Conmix decorative plasters includes Roll Easy (SP1), Conwave (SP2), Concoat (SP3), Conglaze (SP4), SP Tyrolean and Glitterlite. They were developed to provide a combination effect of heritage and elegant looks on the rendered surfaces. The above products provide texture, color and protection to the buildings. These mineral based materials is less frequently need to be replaced, thus it has a long life span along with the buildings. Such multiple benefits of the products qualifies the sustainable requirements.

Roll easy-SP1 is a light textured finish coat. It is a roller application of internal and external finishes, available in various colors.


Conwave-SP2 is a medium textured finishing coat, recommended for the building. It is a steel trowel applied material with a classic texture. SP2 should be applied in one continuous operation up to angles, features or in panels to prevent joints showing on the finished surface.

Concoat-SP3 is a fine textured finishing coat. Different textures can be achieved by using different application tools. This decorative plaster is available in various colours.

Conglaze-SP4 is a spray textured finishing coat with a heavy appearance, and available in a variety of colours. A heavy texture can be obtained using a power pattern spray gun or tyrolean box. CONMIX Technical Service Department can assist in these procedures upon request.

SP Tyrolean is a tyrolean textured finishing coat, available in a variety of colors. It is a classical spray finish applied by spray gun or tyrolean box. A tyrolean finish can be achieved by using a tyrolean box or a spray machine, i.e. spray pattern hopper gun or any other suitable machine. The high points in the tyrolean texture can be smoothed over with a wetted steel or plastic trowel once the plaster starts to stiffen, to achieve a stucco finish.

A colored protective coat also recommended on top of the above mentioned products to improve the appearance and to protect from harsh weather conditions.

Glitterlite is a high-end textured product recommended for internal as well as external applications. It provides an ultimate sparkling finish when sunlight falls on it. With a special application technique, the aggregates remain exposed and clean with diluted hydro chloric acid.

To ensure standard services provided towards customers, relevant training programs are conducted on usage and application of products. The team was composed of qualified engineers having a vast experience in the field they are engaged.

Apart from the standard range of products, Conmix provide solutions to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Conmix limited follows a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, maintaining the quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and service.

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