Conmix Paints Product Range

March 28, 2017

Colours enhance the appearance of the buildings as well as the beauty of the city. Choosing the correct paint or coating for the project can be a difficult task. In order to ensure that the chosen product will deliver high quality, durability and appearance technical aspects need to be considered – like sustainability, workability, coverage, hiding power, VOC content, hygienic and many others. There are different categories of paints applicable for different decorative ideas (interior and/or exterior).

CONMIX Paints were professionally designed to ease this choice. Paints product range includes ConDure – primers & fillers, PinTura – emulsions, ConTxtra – decorative textures, and ConGuard – polyurethane protective coatings, covering all the areas of internal and external applications.

Primers & Fillers (ConDure)

Primer is a paint product which often used on materials before applying the paint itself. The ConDure primer has good sealing properties. It has excellent adhesion and alkali resistance. It also contains antifungal and antibacterial additives.

ConDure filler has the excellent filling and leveling properties. It gives a smooth and leveled surface for subsequent coats.

Emulsions (PinTura)

PinTura emulsions are the good quality PVA and acrylic co-polymer based emulsions. These highly washable paints can be used on interior and/or exterior surfaces. PinTura emulsions are formulated with the good quality pigments, special extenders and unique additives like anti-fungal, anti-foaming, anti-flaking, etc. A wide range of colours is available in PinTura emulsions to suit the designer/customer requirements.

Decorative Textures (ConTxtra)

The high-quality alkali resistant co-polymer based decorative finishes, textures and colours of which can provide an elegant appearance of the buildings. They consist of an acrylic co-polymer emulsion, selected natural stone aggregates, good quality pigments and unique additives – like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-foaming, etc.

Polyurethane Protective Coatings (ConGuard)

A two component premium quality finish acrylic polyurethane top coatings having exceptional resistance to UV rays, chemicals, solvent, water and colour retention properties. These coatings are suitable for internal and external applications on concrete, plaster, masonry, brickwork, gypsum, cement, hard wooden boards, etc. They can also be applied as a top coat for mineral based decorative plaster or render.

Apart from the standard paints product range, CONMIX provides other solutions to fulfill the requirements of its customers. Its R&D division can customize the products as per the site requirements following the processes of quality management system certified to ISO 9001.

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