CONMIX Paints product range

Colours enhance the appearance of the buildings as well as the beauty of the city. Choosing the correct paint or coating for the project can be a difficult task. In order to ensure that the chosen product will deliver high quality, durability and appearance technical aspects need to be considered – like sustainability, workability, coverage, hiding power, VOC content, hygienic and many others.

cement plaster application

how to apply cement plaster on walls

CONMIX CP2 is a dry pre mix, cement plaster for internal and external use. This cement plaster is an ideal substrate for paint, wallpaper or decorative plasters…

concrete admixtures

Types of Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures or Additives are materials added to concrete during the mixing process to modify one or more of the properties of concrete in fresh or hardened state…



It is necessary to protect structural components, buildings and installations from the penetration of water and harmful effects of wetting or seepage water…

decorative plasters

decorative plasters

The decorative range of Conmix products under Premix Plaster includes Roll Easy (SP1), Conwave (SP2), Concoat (SP3), Conglaze (SP4), SP Tyrolean and Glitterlite…